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 "NEW DAY" 7/24/20 

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 This  song is a victory anthem, a call and reminder to stand up and claim what's rightfully yours and to fearlessly take out the giants that plague you in your own life. After my sisters suicide I had a choice to make- let it swallow me up and destroy me and my future or stand up and fight for my own life, health, dreams and passion. its never easy but when we arm ourselves with faith, courage and love and we can take aim and defeat the things that are out to lie to us and to steal our true identities. i had  to make a choice whether I was going to make this survivor role my identity by "adding it to my name" or whether I was going to turn my eyes to my future and all the good that is still in store for me. its a rocker because we need to feel the adrenaline of potential in order to launch us forward into the next thing, the new day that is opening to us. now more than ever with all the crazy and fear and challenge happening I think its time to live out the lyrics of this song and turn our eyes to the future, the good coming our way, roll up our sleeves and get serious about what we want and who we want to be as we take our places in tomorrow. Jubilee is on its way side by side with challenge- its up to us which we will choose to claim and ride into our future. check it out, i hope you like it- i personally adore this song. and watch for the video  and new merch coming  soon!!

                   "BELLA CIAO"


This video was so fun to make! I got to work with some great musicians and production crew and the creativity was flying in the room that day! we filmed in an old cannery that was filled with cool spaces, angles and perspectives not to mention years and years worth abandoned art in the back rooms. The heart and meaning of this song is, for me, an exhortation to stand up for your rights, let your voices be heard and be passionate about standing up for what you believe in. the cool thing about this song is that is becoming a world anthem for these principles. I am so proud of my people everywhere who have had the courage to fight for what they know is right and not back down in the face of adversity. sometimes it takes a revolution!! 


Song interpretation and arrangement by Gina Marie Lo Monaco, recorded and produced and performed by Chet Roberts and Greg Upchurch of 3 Doors Down, at Rivergate Studios, Nashville TN, video production by Jade Turgel and Zohar Kennard, edited by Dan Sartin. Featuring John Tacci on drums, James Erickson on lead guitar, Johaan Hill on bass and Josh on rhythm guitar.

  Download BELLA CIAO

Bella Ciao is a powerful song from the Italian Resistance, one of the many times in history that the Italian people have shown our strength and grit in the face of opposition. While lots of history lessons abound and a lot of people are still hung up on the past, the song has become part of a global phenomenon today as an international anthem for human rights, social justice, and people standing up for political change. I am proud to sing this song and all that it stands for and proud to be a global citizen. Not to mention I'm a bit of a rebel, so if someone tells me I can't sing a song, you'd better believe I'm gonna sing it! 

NEW SINGLE 3/20/20

           "East West Love Song"

So the world is highly stressed right now but I hope that my fans can take a moment to sit back, relax, and enjoy this song which means so much to me personally, as a stress reliever. Turn it up loud because music always sounds better that way and close your eyes. Then play it again. maybe dance wildly in your kitchen. Start to sing along as you learn the words. Belt it out! It feels great! While I didn't write this song for these times necessarily and the whole virus craze started AFTER I had set this for release, I think the whole concept of east/west and how good can it get is oddly fitting right now. Weird how that happens sometimes :) I've set this price as donation so that you can give what your heart tells you to give. If that's nothing right now that's ok. If it's bigger than normal your generosity will make a difference and come back to you! I think in these weird times we gotta live from our heart more than ever and invite God and love into the conversation. PEACE my friends. Enjoy!

Real Love

I titled this Real Love as opposed to true love because real love takes work and constant intention to continue. It is a labor of love and yet it can be effortless too. Real love is patient, kind, isn't out for only itself. Real love holds no record of wrongs and forgives. Real love admits when they've been wrong and commits to changing for the better, for the sake of others. so you see Real Love is quite different from the image of true love that we have been given, one where no self betterment is required and you and your partner are perfect as is. NOT!! that's not real. But REAL LOVE is the realest, raddest thing you'll ever experience. And that my friend is the difference and the soul of this song..

                  "Culture Shock"

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