Gina Marie Lo Monaco lives a life of passion and her music is a huge part of that passion. Music is her first love. As a child, she taught herself not only lead and harmonizing vocals but also through the years how to song write and play guitar, violin, banjo, cello, piano, hand drums and harp. She began her performing musical career at the age of sixteen, and while quickly on the rise, was approached by multiple producers which she actually turned down in favor of retaining her own authenticity and rights of an independent artist as each one ultimately vied for control and the last authoritative say over her compositions. Each time she walked they told her she would regret it. But her story didn’t end there, 

 In 2009 she won Best Female Singer/Songwriter from a contest held by and in 2010 she won Best Female Singer/Songwriter in the Thinktank International music competition where she was able to perform songs from her self produced original album “Groundwork” in Milano, Italy. 

Gina Marie is an Alaskan born, Italian dual citizen so in joining with the THINKTANK ITALIA project, a door was opened to cultivate two fanbases- America and Italy- which is why you will find many of her social media posts, lyric books and songs are bilingual, including her most recent release of the radio version of the controversial Italian resistance song “Bella Ciao” which has stirred the pot an of already heated political debate, touching on human rights issues the world over.


Gina Marie’s personal life and musical career entered a season of deepening and increased nuance when in 2011 she decided despite her musical success to focus on building a family and living a simpler life through farming. This season of life yielded many songs that have been dreamt about and polished, until the proper time where her vision would be captured.

 During this season in early 2018 she had to walk through the utter darkness of her sisters’ suicide. Unthinkable grief shrouded her world. Songwriting has always been her most powerful weapon of transformation and so from that pain were born the songs “Goodbye” and “Easier said than done” set for release in the coming months of 2020. “Giants” also written in this time from a melody heard in a dream, harnesses the courage to rise in the face of your giants and overcome them,much like the story of David and Goliath, choosing to stand up and fight for your life, not letting your pain become your identity.


Just before her sister’s death she had attended an acoustic concert by a longtime favorite band, Three Doors Down. As if the proverbial flash of lightning hit, she realized beyond any doubt that she had found fellow musicians who would capture and realize the vision for her music. After the show, she spoke with Chet Roberts, guitarist for the band. They immediately saw her passion and talent and agreed to work with her in Nashville on producing her songs.  

In May, 2018, Gina Marie traveled to the studio in Nashville, with a baby on her hip, where Greg Upchurch and  Chet Roberts arranged, accompanied, recorded, and produced 8 of Gina’s original songs. Gina’s rich, raw, authentic lyrics and instant hit music make her versatile upcoming album a collection that gets stuck in your head instantly: and it’s AWESOME. 

Gina’s desire for those who hear her music is to give them hope, strength, and courage. Her music is not only her passion but also her purpose. 

Bio written by H.M.S